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Melbourne CBD. 8 hours of non-stop yoga.




Join us in the biggest Yoga and Social Change event in Australia! On the 23rd of September, we’ll rise up through our yoga practice in solidarity at our second annual 8 hour yogathon fundraiser, followed by an evening of Kirtan.

We are dedicating our practice to FREEDOM. Yes, freedom from one of the world’s most heart-breaking issues:

Child Sex Slavery.

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23rd September 2017

Yogathon for Freedom

8 am – 5.30 pm

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Kirtan for Freedom

7 – 9.30 pm

Drill Hall, Multicultural Hub (opp Queen Vic Markets)

26 Therry Street 3004 Melbourne CBD

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The ultimate challenge is to participate in

8 hours of yoga + Fundraising for Freedom.

If you are unable to participate in the full day, you can take part in just

one class (an hour),

a half Yogathon (4 hours),

or our Kirtan for Freedom Evening session.

Fundraise for Freedom
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Kirtan for Freedom

 100% of the proceeds go to our partner charities Art to Healing and the Melbourne Cultural Yoga Project, putting an end to the torture and abuse inflicted on women and girls by the sex slave industry throughout India and Nepal and therapeutic yoga programs for female refugees and asylum seekers.

All donations (excluding tickets) are tax-deductible.

8 hours of non-stop yoga

8 diverse styles

8 awesome yoga teachers

1 day of uniting to end sex slavery.

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Our outstanding yoga teachers uniting 8 different styles for an amazing cause.

Morning (Yang) Session

Doors open 7.30 am

8.15 am: Atira Tan

World Peace Meditation

8.30 am: Cassie Lee

Power Vinyasa: A Whole Hearted Practice

9.35 am: Christy Champoise

Ashtanga Yoga: Saluting the Sun Within

10.40 am: Johannes Mochayedi

Hatha Yoga (Inversions)

11.45 am: Camilla Maling

Adventures in the Field (Twists & Forward Bends)

Afternoon (Yin) Session

1 pm: Hannah Campos

Slow Flow Vinyasa (Hips & Hamstrings)

2.05 pm: Jennifer Crescenzo

Yin Yoga

3.10 pm: Nancy Hanley

Kundalini Yoga: Open the Heart, Spread the Light.

4.15 pm: Katie Amrita

Pranayama, Meditation & Yoga Nidra

5.20 pm: Atira Tan

Meditation for Freedom

Yes I’m totally in!

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Wow! I’m inspired to do a little more!

Fundraise for Freedom

A day of yoga to uplift, connect and inspire!

“The best way to overcome apathy is to actually take action, to throw yourself into making a difference.”

– Jane Goodall.
Sex slavery and the trauma endured by women and children is NOT OKAY with us.
We believe in compassionate action to create, and to be the change.
Be part of this change.
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All donations are tax-deductible.

Kirtan for Freedom


plus guests musicians!

Join us for a beautiful chorus of heart-felt devotional chanting from 7 – 9.30 pm in our Kirtan for Freedom evening finale session at the Drill Hall. These sacred songs and chants create a magical and powerful vibration for everyone who attend, rippling our prayers for harmony and love into the world.

You can purchase your Kirtan tickets as separate to the Yogathon event.
All full 12 hour yogathon tickets include the evening session.

Sun Hyland

Mel Dobra

Vinod Prasanna


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We’re ready to do something to put an end to the global sex slave trade, and we can’t do this alone. We need your support!

Together, let’s stand up for Freedom and get set to change lives.

Yes I’m totally in!

Wanna do more than just participate?

Wanna join us in seva (selfless service)?

Join us and become a Yoga for Freedom volunteer!

Volunteer with us

An Art to Healing Initiative

Learn more about Art to Healing
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Yes I’m up for a good challenge for the entire 8 or 12 hour Yogathon! What’s fundraising for freedom? This year, we’re inviting yogis who are up for the 8 – 12 hour yogathon challenge to put your yoga practice to fundraise just a little more for Yoga for Freedom and our cause!  Make your yoga practice count! We’ll help you to set up an online fundraising platform with different fundraising options where it’s super easy for you to share with your family and friends, and get the donations rolling in! All donations above $2 from Australia are tax deductible. Of course, if you don’t hit the fundraising target, you can still participate in the Yogathon for Freedom. What’s more, we have some fun prizes in store for you! More info can be found on www.yogaforfreedom.org.au/fundraiseforfreedom/

I want to be there for the whole day and donate to the cause, but I’m not sure if my body can do 8 hours of yoga. Yoga for Freedom is in the spirit of inspiration, uplifting of humanity, freedom and giving back! It’s not compulsory to do the entire 8 hours, and it’s totally fine to rest, take breaks, have a bite to eat, and look after yourself. There are no expectations.

Will there be food and drinks at the venue? Yes absolutely. We’ll have fresh pressed juices, a free selection of teas, water and yummy food, raw food and cakes, plus snacks at the venue! The event is directly across from the Queen Victoria markets, so there’ll be many accessible restaurants and cafes too.

If you have any other queries, please email us at info@yogaforfreedom.org.au