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9th May 2020 Saturday

6.30 – 10.30 pm

Fitzroy, Melbourne

Fusing global music of all genres, we celebrate the sacredness of our bodies and cultural diversity in a communal dance space towards a bigger, planetary intention for healing and hope.

With acclaimed DJ and music producer Ben Temple Step, Liat Lev-Sokal and Christian Dimarco as our facilitators, and Atira Tan and Arion Light as our ceremonialists, we will activate, stomp shake and sweat our prayers to finish with a sound bath, meditation and closing ceremony to integrate the experience.

This is our chance to embody and weave a collective prayer to send out to humanity and healing so that we can spread HOPE to the darkest places and issues in the world.

Our Amazing DJ and Facilitators


Ben Temple Step is a DJ, Music Producer, Facilitator, Live Sonic Ceremonialist and Sound Healer. Offering his unique combination of DJing, Original Music, Live Performance, Sound Healing and Ceremonial Sound Design, Temple Step guides the dancer through a global dance journey of planetary ethnic cultures and beyond. He has been a resident Dj at some of the globes biggest Ecstatic Dance venues, Yoga Barn, New Earth Haven and Akasha and over the past 20 years he has performed and presented workshops at Festivals all around the world including Beloved Festival (USA), Sonic Bloom (USA), Rainbow Serpent (AUS), Earth Frequency (AUS), Woodford(AUS), Earthdance (AUS) and many more.

Check out Ben Temple Step here


Liat Lev-Sokal is a performance artist, story teller, dancer, art-therapist and movement teacher. Her passion lies in facilitating dance/movement events where participants are supported to get curious and real about their own embodied human-being-ness, through dance, movement & community. For the last 5 years she has been a working member with Open Floor International & a mentor to Teachers in Training. Liat’s facilitation is known for it’s warmth, clarity and down-to-earth-teachings. She has been offering classes & workshops in conscious-dance locally and abroad for the past 20 years.


A leading Sound Healer, music producer and founder of Shamanic Drone, Christian Dimarco weaves a unique sound experience using a myriad of musical instruments (including the Native American Flute and Didjeridu) layered with his worldly vocals to create a deep healing experience for each individual. He has facilitated hundreds of sound journeys, produced meditation music and collaborated with local and international artists. He is based mainly in Melbourne, Australia.

Check out Christian DiMarco here


Arion has spent over 15 years serving thousands of people to awaken to their own essential nature and ground it into living as love in action in the world. Arion believes that our spiritual path is about more than just feeling good on a yoga mat or in a cave somewhere, but that we’re here to ground that love into action in our everyday lives. And as we do that, we create extraordinary fully-lived lives for ourselves, and fulfill our own personal calling to serve others across the planet too. Arion has developed a set of practices and tools that help you Connect to your Essence, Embody it as pulsing aliveness, and Create from a place of alignment. This body of work has transformed the lived experience of ‘spirituality’ from a loving concept in the mind and heart, into a deeply-embodied journey that ignites a fire in our belly and unleashes a raw life force that drives and creates our world.

Check out Arion Light here.


Atira Tan is the founder and executive director of Art to Healing, and Yoga for Freedom. For the past 15 years, she has dedicated her life to the trauma recovery and freedom of child sex slaves in Asia and the Pacific, and has successfully supported thousands of women and girls in living an empowered and inspired life, free from slavery. As a world traveler and seeker of truth, Atira is deeply passionate about inspiring healing, freedom and hope to all women to lead an enlivened life.

A TEDx speaker, author, trauma specialist, yoga teacher and activist, Atira now teaches internationally across 4 continents, and assists women, men and children, particularly those who have experienced sexual abuse, in groups & individually in her private practice and community settings as an art therapist, yoga teacher and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner.

Check out Atira Tan here.

9th May 2020 Melbourne
7 pm – 10.30 pm (Doors open at 6.30 pm)
A Dance Fundraiser to end the vicious cycle of Child Sex Slavery.

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Doors Open: 6.30 pm

Opening Ceremony with Arion Light & Atira Tan: 7 pm

Heart Dance/Open Floor with Liat: 7.30 pm

Temple Step Ecstatic Dance with Ben: 8.30 pm

Sound Healing with Christian: 10 pm

Closing Ceremony with Arion Light & Atira Tan: 10.30 pm

“The best way to overcome apathy is to actually take action, to throw yourself into making a difference.”

– Jane Goodall.

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Together, let’s stand up for Freedom and get set to change lives.

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Join Yoga for Freedom Founder, Atira Tan, and Gemini Adams in Yoga for Freedom’s 100 Hr Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher Training in June 2020, Ericeira, Portugal!

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It is with sadness in our hearts that we announce the cancellation of Yoga for Freedom this year.
With the COVID-19 pandemic, it is of utmost importance that everyone's safety and health comes first and foremost. Whether we like it or not, the planet is asked to be still and to look inside during this time of COVID-19. These times, with the gifts of yoga, can bring opportunities for new beginnings, deep self-reflection, and change.

At Yoga for Freedom, we hope to be part of the current of Life which seeks to inspire, empower and bring peace and harmony to this transitional and potent phase of our lives.
Our hearts and support go out to those struggling in social isolation right now, those who have lost their jobs or stranded in strange countries. And we are very grateful to those working double-time to care for the sick and elderly, and who are risking their lives to look after others in this time of need.

We hope that you will join us next year, and our team at Yoga for Freedom is sending blessings of love, kindness and strength at this time to every one of you out there.
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