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 “The success of Yoga does not lie in the ability to perform postures but in how it positively changes the way we live our life and our relationships.”

― T.K.V. Desikachar

We have an inspiring group of teachers who are strongly committed to making a meaningful difference in the world, and are truly living their yoga out in the community as love in action.

These teachers are a vital link in the beautiful Yogathon Community and provide support for you, as mentors, and teachers.

You can practice and build your stamina for the Yogathon while also sharing with a like-minded group of inspired yogis creating change in the world. Join one of your teachers today in a class near you!



CEO/ Founder

Art to Healing & Yoga for Freedom

Atira Tan is the founder and executive director of Art to Healing, and Yoga for Freedom. For the past 15 years, she has dedicated her life to the trauma recovery and freedom of child sex slaves in Asia and the Pacific, and has successfully supported thousands of women and girls in living an empowered and inspired life, free from slavery.

A TEDx speaker, author, trauma specialist, yoga teacher and activist, Atira now teaches training programs internationally across 4 continents, and assists women, men and children, particularly those who have experienced sexual abuse, in groups & individually in her private practice and community settings as an art therapist, Trauma-Informed yoga teacher and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner.




Power Vinyasa

Power Living Yoga

Amy teaches a creative and dynamic vinyasa practice with a strong alignment base, from years of being a personal trainer. Although challenging, she is passionate about keeping her students safe while they move through the depths of their practice. Amy teaches to help people come back to their “true-self”, instead of fixing or changing, she encourages you to grow and transform to the best you can be.

Amy’s classes have a strong alignment focus with the purpose of wanting to empower each student back into their bodies and their potential. She is super passionate about honoring the lineages before her whilst dissolving the dogma or authoritarian ways of “what is right”, and finding a practice of yoga that is functional for today’s modern individual body.



Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga Center of Melbourne

Douglas Brook (Vishal) – started practicing yoga aged 23 at The Dance of Life Yoga Studio. Daily practice led to an apprenticeship with Eugenie Knox and teaching in the Iyengar method. He became a devotee of spiritual teacher humanitarian Sri Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi or Amma visiting Her Ashram in India many times.  In 2001 he began teaching at the Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Melbourne. He has been a teacher at Chunky Move and Lucy Guerin Dance Companies, Dance Arts United, At Work Yoga and a Flow Yoga Instructor at Fitness First Australia trained by Power Living Australia Yoga.

Vishal has been teaching Ashtanga Yoga for over 16 years, and aims to inspire students to develop a healing, uplifting practice that supports them in connecting mind and body to their higher self.



Hatha Yoga

Director of Dance of Life Yoga

Johannes has been teaching yoga for the last 16 years and has been the Director of the Dance of Life Yoga studio since 2009. He has studied a variety of styles including Iyengar, Ashtanga, Hatha, Power Flow (Vinyasa) and Bikram.

His versatility and experience is reflected in his ability to create inspirational and dynamic classes with a solid foundation. In supporting safe practice while also challenging growth and development, Johannes focuses on attention to detail, precise alignment and effective use of the breath.



Embodied Flow Partner Yoga

Embodhi Spirit

Laura is a movement alchemist born in the andes ranges of  Mendoza Argentina and raised across the globe. A travelling embodiment facilitator, Laura is a certified Embodied Flow™, Chakradance™,  yoga facilitator,  dancer, somatic movement therapist,  bodyworker, anthropologist and people connector. A creative embodiment wellness coach specialising in guiding people to connect with their bodies and heritage.

Utilising movement therapy to access inner wisdom and outer creative expression enables clients to reach their full potential, living in complete harmony in body, mind and spirit.



Embodied Flow Partner Yoga

The Empowered Yogi

Christina, forever learning and curious, is an ERYT 500, international yoga facilitator, teacher trainer, movement therapist and biodynamic cranio trainee. She is interested in the intersection of the divine, the human anatomy and psychology. She believes that ritual, our bodies, and movement can be places of great healing for ourselves and the organism of our planet.

She has been moving, dancing, and practicing yoga for almost 20 years. As a teacher, she has facilitated experiences all over the world, including in Bali, Thailand, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Costa Rica, and the United States. As a yoga teacher, she has studied with a large variety of yogis from various lineages.



Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini House

With a background in community development, Nancy is a devoted practitioner of yoga who teaches because her own practice ignited a deep desire to inspire growth, self-knowing and personal responsibility in others. She deeply believes that yoga is a tool to bring us home to ourselves. A teacher of both Kundalini Yoga and Hatha Yoga, Nancy is also a crystal singing bowl Sound Healer.

Alongside teaching, Nancy is the creator of White Yoga, an ethical yogi’s clothing line that specialises in yoga clothing made from natural fibres.




Slow Flow Yoga

Light Space Yoga

Lisa has been a dedicated student of yoga for the past 20 years, a teacher for 10 years. Initially introduced to yoga through meditation, philosophy, chanting and seva (selfless service) her practice expanded to incorporate a creative, fluid and heart-centred asana practice inspired by her love and study of creative dance, music that ignites the soul and her gift for creating sacred spaces.

Lisa served on staff at international ashrams, owned a yoga studio in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, sat on the Board of Directors for a yoga-inspired Not for Profit in Melbourne, and is raising two beautiful teenage sons with her beloved husband John, her Co-Director of Illumined Enterprises Pty Limited. Her classes will uplift, inspire, challenge and ground you



Yin Yoga

State of Being

Jo is an educator with an interest in the alchemising intersections between restorative practices, trauma-informed frameworks and embodiment. She is a yoga teacher, meditator and the Co-Founder and Director of the non-profit organisation State of Being

Jo brings to her work a decade of experience as an educator and strategist in the social justice sector, eight years as a yoga teacher, and over 20 years of embodied practice in dance, meditation and yoga. She also facilitates trauma-informed yoga and mindfulness programs, and is a Lead Trainer on the Yoga for HumanKIND trainings.



Pranayama & Yoga Nidra

Estuary Yoga

Evelyn is a professional teacher, with a background in Vinyasa, Tantric Hatha (inc. Pranayama, Yoga Nidra, Meditation & Yin), Qi Gong Kung Fu, Shiatsu, disciplined self-study and an inquisitive mind. She teaches in line with the lineages She has studied and in respect of the traditions and teachers before her.

As a facilitator I take time in creating a safe space where habit and ritual are subtly investigated through practice and the art of maintaining a mindful focus in breath, meditation, relaxation and movement.




Co-Director Gertrude Street Yoga

Jaspah first discovered yoga and meditation as a way of managing the demands of a corporate job. From there, his journey deepened as he experimented with various styles, lineages and traditions which took him on a journey of travel, self exploration, and inner growth.

Jaspah undertook his Yoga Teacher Training in Mexico where he met the woman who is now his wife and yogi partner in life. Together Jaspah and his wife Hannah own and run Gertrude Street Yoga Studio in Melbourne, Australia.

Jaspah has studied and practiced various styles of yoga, meditation and coaching across North America, Australia, and Asia. His focus is predominantly on the quieter practices of yin yoga and meditation, although he enjoys variety and brings together a range of techniques and approaches to help meet students wherever they are in their practice.

Why Yoga for Freedom?

17th May 2020

Yogathon for Freedom

8 am – 5.30 pm

8 hours of non-stop yoga

1 day of uniting to end sex slavery.

Drill Hall, Multicultural Hub (opp Queen Vic Markets)

26 Therry Street 3004 Melbourne CBD

Buy Tickets

 100% of the proceeds go to our partner charities Art to Healing and State of Being, putting an end to the torture and abuse inflicted on women and girls by the sex slave industry throughout India and Nepal and marginilised communities in Melbourne.

All donations (excluding tickets) are tax-deductible.

It is with sadness in our hearts that we announce the cancellation of Yoga for Freedom this year.
With the COVID-19 pandemic, it is of utmost importance that everyone's safety and health comes first and foremost. Whether we like it or not, the planet is asked to be still and to look inside during this time of COVID-19. These times, with the gifts of yoga, can bring opportunities for new beginnings, deep self-reflection, and change.

At Yoga for Freedom, we hope to be part of the current of Life which seeks to inspire, empower and bring peace and harmony to this transitional and potent phase of our lives.
Our hearts and support go out to those struggling in social isolation right now, those who have lost their jobs or stranded in strange countries. And we are very grateful to those working double-time to care for the sick and elderly, and who are risking their lives to look after others in this time of need.

We hope that you will join us next year, and our team at Yoga for Freedom is sending blessings of love, kindness and strength at this time to every one of you out there.
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