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We warmly invite you to partner with Yoga for Freedom, in this fun and

wholehearted week of yoga events, workshops or kirtan!

7th – 17th May 2020

As a Yoga for Freedom Ambassador, you can choose either to facilitate and organize in your studio or local community during the Yoga for Freedom week on the 7th – 17th May 2020:

♥ A 2-hour yoga workshop, class or kirtan.

 ♥ A 4-hour yoga event.

♥ An 8-hour yoga event: Yogathon for Freedom.

♥ Donating proceeds from a class in the Yoga for Freedom week.

♥ Donating proceeds from a community class for a month in May to help the cause!

As committed yogis, we can attest to our practice of yoga being central and core to cultivating our own inner peace, inner resilience, awareness, deep healing and self-love.

At some stage in our own spiritual practice and transformation, yoga reveals to us our deepest purpose, our dharma, or swadharma: to ultimately align ourselves with our highest life’s purpose and calling.

It cultivates an openness to be in service and love to humanity and the planet.




If there’s a “YES” that fires up in your body, if you are passionate about justice, and social issues , if you believe that yoga can do much, much more for the world, then


Yes I’m in!
As a Yoga for Freedom Ambassador, we will:
  • Provide you with an information pack, as well as a social media and flyer promotional package.
  • Feature your event and teachers on our website and social media platforms.
  • Help you to set up an online donation and booking site on our website so all ticket sales and bookings are easy.
  • Assist you with online & Skype coaching to create your workshop or event.

Download your Ambassador Info Pack today, or get in contact with us, and we’ll help you with all the bits and pieces to make it super easy!

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 “If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.” – Dalai Lama

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It is with sadness in our hearts that we announce the cancellation of Yoga for Freedom this year.
With the COVID-19 pandemic, it is of utmost importance that everyone's safety and health comes first and foremost. Whether we like it or not, the planet is asked to be still and to look inside during this time of COVID-19. These times, with the gifts of yoga, can bring opportunities for new beginnings, deep self-reflection, and change.

At Yoga for Freedom, we hope to be part of the current of Life which seeks to inspire, empower and bring peace and harmony to this transitional and potent phase of our lives.
Our hearts and support go out to those struggling in social isolation right now, those who have lost their jobs or stranded in strange countries. And we are very grateful to those working double-time to care for the sick and elderly, and who are risking their lives to look after others in this time of need.

We hope that you will join us next year, and our team at Yoga for Freedom is sending blessings of love, kindness and strength at this time to every one of you out there.
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